How We Lower Taxes

Once we believe that your property is over assessed, we will file a grievance on your behalf with your town's Board of Assessment Review (BAR). BAR is group of officers in your town empowered to hear and determine complaints in relation to property assessments. We will handle all filings to the Board of Assessment Review on your behalf as well as filing and preparing documentation.

In some cases, the BAR will agree with your grievance and determine that you have been over assessed and offer a reduction at that time. However, in many cases the grievances are denied. In this situation, this office will file a Small Claims Assessment Review petition (SCAR petition).

Your must file a grievance timely. In the event you do not file a grievance in the limited period of time which it is accepted by the Assessor's Office, (usually 2 to 3 weeks beginning in May) you will be unable to file a tax grievance for the remainder of the year and will have to wait until the following year.

A SCAR petition is available only to owners of 1, 2, or 3 family residences who live in the house. It is not available to non-owners or persons who rent their property.

After we have filed your SCAR petition, the Assessment Review Clerk in the Supreme Court in the county in which you reside will assign your case to a Judicial Hearing Officer.
The hearing officer will then set a date, time and place for a hearing.

The filing deadline for a SCAR petition is 30 days after the filing of the final assessment roll which may vary from town to town. Again, we will appear on your behalf and handle all filing fees and appearances at the courthouse.

One important thing to remember is that a tax certiorari proceeding is a no-loss proposition for the homeowner as your assessment cannot be increased. At worst, the BAR or court can find the homeowner is not entitled to a reduction in assessment or that the assessment is improperly allocated; it may never order an increase as a result of your petition under any circumstances.

Be sure to check below when your city or town grievance deadlines are so you don't miss the date to file a grievance and miss out on possibly saving thousands of dollars on your property taxes annually.

In the event we are successful, our fee is 50% of the first year's tax savings. You keep all the savings after the first year. If we do not achieve a tax reduction, there will be no legal fee charged for preparing and submitting the grievance or petitions or any work on your behalf.

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