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County/town tax bills are due to be sent out at the end of March. The tax bill will contain what your property is assessed at and also state the rate that is being used by the town or village to arrive at a value that the assessor believes your property is worth.

There are many, many homeowners that wish they could sell the home for the price that the local assessor has valued their property.

If you feel that your property is over assessed, the next step should be determining as to whether or not you could get your assessment lowered. By lowering your assessment, you will lower your property taxes.

A short and simply consultation with our office can help you determine whether your home has been over assessed and that you are paying excessive property taxes. This consultation is at no cost to you. A simple phone call could possibly save you thousands of dollars year after year on your property tax bill.

In order to be successful we need to prove the true fair market value of your home. This can be done by producing relevant documentation, including: appraisal reports, proof of any construction, closing statements, current leases, and comparable real estate sales.

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There Are No Up Front Costs, Whether we are Successful or Not!

In the event we are succes sful, our fee is 50% of the first year's tax savings. You keep all the savings after the first year. If we do not achieve a tax reduction, there will be no legal fee charged for preparing and submitting the grievance or petitions.

Rutgers Place, Eastchester - 12.5% reduction, first year savings over $2,000.

Country Club Lane, Scarborough - 24% reduction, first year savings over $5,500.

Hillside Ave, Pleasantville - 20% reduction, first year savings over $3,500.

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